Beginnerscourse Yoga & Meditation

Have you ever wondered why the number of practioners of yoga is growing so rapidly? Have you ever wondered why people step on the yogamat and keep doing it?

Here are some reasons why they do:
* relaxation
* dealing with stress better
* physical and mental flexibility
* physical and mental strength
* understanding of emotions
* getting to know oneself
* spiritual growth

But that is other people's experience.
You now have an opportunity to find out for yourself.
Because personal experience is what matters here.

You are invited to join the Beginnerscourse Yoga & Meditation.
In this 8 weeks course you will learn and do a little bit more each week.
Step by step you will become more aware of your body, your breath and your mind.
Though it is mostly experiencing, there will be a bit of time for some theory.
(What is stress?, What is yoga?, Extra attention for breathing,  Nutrition & stress, More on meditation, The power of positive thinking, Yoga and slee, Yoga in daily life)

- date and duration: 8 Tuesdays March 5th - April 23rd at 8pm
- time: 8 -9:30 pm
- group will not be bigger than 10 persons
- costs are €120.
Registration is here.